It's a blustery Thankful Thursday so warm up with a spicy chicken OMG burrito. 3366 N Torrey Pines ct at 1120-130pm. today

We'll NOT be at Greenwich/shoreham Drive today as we've a big fundraiser for the Wounded Worrier program See you at Torrey Pines ct tomorrow

Happy Taco Tuesday at 10070 Barnes canyon rd fr 1115-145pm Try 3 tacos for $9 special TODAY ONLY Let us know ur thoughts of delivery service

Thankful Thursday is here again and we will be at 3366 N Torrey Pines ct from 1115-130pm We have our bulgogi smoked beef today!!

Happy Hump Day!! Greenwich/Shoreham Drive is where your mid week just keeps getting better! come by from 1115-130p join our loyalty program!

We will be out to the public on Wednesday lunch at Greenwich/Shoreham drive Thursday Lunch at 3366 N torrey pines ct.

Hope everyone has a peaceful Easter/passover. We will not be out over the weekend, so take care, enjoy yourselves and see you all soon.

Happy Thankful Thursday!! 3366 N Torrey Pines ct is where we will be from 1115-1345pm today. Enjoy your day.

Happy Hump Day!! Spring in the air and your lunch awaits at Greenwich/Shoreham Drive from 1115-140pm today. Ask about our loyalty plan

Good morning SD This weeks' lunch schedule, nature willing of course, is Weds: Shoreham/Greenwich Drive Thurs 22nd: 3366 N torrey pines ct

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