Tabe, (pronounced Tah-bay), meaning “to eat” in Japanese, was established in October 2009. It was the very first gourmet food truck to roll the San Diego streets, serving it’s Korean BBQ fusion style it quickly became a hit. Tabe BBQ ties Korean BBQ with ‘Island fruit’ salsas and serves it with Mexican flare


  • "Best Fish Tacos Ever. The first bite I thought "wow thats good" and then a second later the flavor hits you and then I was like "yowwwwzah! THAT is so goooood!" I offered my girlfriend a bite of it but sadly she ate the whole dang thing. That is precisely why I don't share food."

    Eric B.

  • "Decided to introduce Tabe BBQ to a couple of my buddies from school this past Friday. Mr. Mateo was there and he made our OMG's fat boy style! Definitely made them the way I used to get them. My buddies loved it and said they will definitely be going back with their wives."

    Jeff D.

  • "Saw their truck on the road one day and looked up where I could track them down at. Found out about their schedule and how near it is to my work and was thrilled! I was greeted with friendly service. I ordered the fish taco and the pork taco. Both equally great!"

    Sarah W.

Find Us

Tabe BBQ Fusion Truck

4637 Market St,

And All Over SD (Truck),

San Diego, CA 92102

Phone. 858-775-5256

Email. contact@TabeBBQ.com